You consult with a licensed & highly experienced esthetician who analyzes your skin and determines the perfect facial treatment for you at the time of your visit.
Our esthetician has 10 years experience and worked as a head esthetician for the upscale spa in New York City. She has dealt with a various skin types to improve clients' skin condition by using the right products and procedures.

We use top of the line  Uspa , Dermalogica, Repêchage and GM Collin brands.

Relax in comfort while we help you achieve and maintain radiant, healthy skin.

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Facials/Body Treatments


Classic European Facial       $74 (60 minutes)

The classic European facial is considered the mother of all facials because it includes all the basic steps to bring the skin into it's best healthy and beautiful looking condition.
The procedure includes a deep pore cleansing, steam with exfoliation and facial massage, and is completed with a soothing mask.
The European facial massage increases circulation of the blood which carries oxygen to skin tissues and tones facial muscles.

Mini Facial     $49 (35 minutes)

This mini facial can be a good choice for anyone new to facials. Choice of cleansing, extraction and masque or cleansing, massage and masque.

Teen Facial     $79 (60 minutes)

Blitz the zits or rid blackheads with our teenage acne facial. There are a few causes of teenage acne namely genetics, poor hygiene, stress, diet, hormones. Our teenage facial treats all the different skin types - skin bumps, pimples, blackheads, dry skin, oily skin. You’ll be given home-care product recommendations as well as nutritional guidance to keep your skin at its tiptop best. 

Gentlemen's Facial     
$79 (60 minutes)

The deep cleaning facial designed for a man's skin. Included in this facial are deep cleansing, exfoliation and extraction. This facial can calm and sooth redness, irritation and inflammation caused by shaving and/or outdoor activities.

Organic 6-Step Facial       $79 (60 minutes)

This aromatic trip of natural organic facial begins with a soothing herbal massage of the face, neck and shoulders followed by a soak of natural herbs. Essence of Grape Seeds, Tea Tree, Green Tea, Avocado, Jojoba, and our plant extract Azulene Masque all combine to smooth your skin and transport you to a world of reawakening. 
Your rise each morning with a smoother and suppler skin.

Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment       $30 (25 minutes)

Professional treatment based on the latest advances in skincare and clinically proven ingredients that work to combat signs of sleep deprivation, aging, and environmental damage. Based on a combination of natural extracts of Gingko Biloba, Gotu Kola, and firming Aosa Seaweed with targeted Dipeptides, Tetra peptides, and enzyme stimulating Chrysin to reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.
$25 for nose only
$50 for forehead, nose and chin.

Glycolic Peel
$70 (30 minutes)

A glycolic peel removes oil from the surface of the skin and can be useful in treating acne. It also stimulates collagen production, helping "fill in" fine lines and wrinkles, and can even out discolored pigmentation as the top layer of skin is removed.

Four Layer Facial     $109 (60 minutes)

The premier anti-aging treatment. Layer of European seaweed to rejuvenate, tone & help firm the skin dramatically. Two massages will soothe, then a cool pure energy seaweed mask, followed by a mineral-rich thermal mask that will allow for total penetration of the layers.

Collagen Facial     $129 (90 minutes)

The collagen facial is a popular anti-aging treatment among women who see little lines forming around their eyes and forehead.  The facial is designed to flood the derma with collagen to accelerate cell renewal and to increase elasticity for firmer skin.  The collagen facial includes a special collagen fiber mask and warm, melted Vitamin E to transform tried, aging skin into a glowing healthy, young appearance.

Vitamin C Infusion Facial (Sea C Spa)     $129 (90minutes)

Antioxidant Vitamin C is the most effective way to repair and prevent the aging free radical damage resulting from environmental exposure. We literally infuse the most powerful formulation of pure Vitamin C directly into the skin to restore skin texture, elasticity and firmness while fading pigmentation problems and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Vita Cura 5 Phase Facial $129 (80minutes) each phase
An instant trigger to younger looking skin

Vita Cura 5® is based on Repêchage’s exclusive combination of natural marine and herbal ingredients to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin, providing advanced skin repair. By understanding the science behind natural therapies, Repêchage is able to provide the most advanced skin solutions for today’s client.

  Together, these 5 phases provide unsurpassed anti-aging results.
  • Phase 1: Vita Cura® Enzymatic Micropeel: This mild, vegetable based peel gently reveals brighter, younger looking skin.
  • Phase 2: Vita Cura® Cell Renewal Serum: This serum is massaged into skin to promote cellular repair, improve circulation, decrease dryness, and provide protection from oxidative damage.
  • Phase 3: Vita Cura® Triple Firming Treatment Cream: This phase firms the skin in three dramatic ways. Messenger Pentapeptides acts faster than Retinol, without the redness and irritation, Marine Biopeptides stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, and Red Clover Extract provides a hormonal trigger to younger looking skin. The Triple Firming Treatment cream is applied using the Lydia Sarfati Classic Facial Massage Technique.
  • Phase 4: Vita Cura® Firming Mask: Spirulina and Laminaria Digitata Seaweeds firm and smooth the skin while enhancing the action of previous layers.
  • Phase 5: Vita Cura® Opti-Lift Serum: A Biopolymer of Almond protein provides immediate and visible lifting properties that you can see and feel.

Botinol Facial     
$169 (100 minutes)

This innovative, clinically proven procedure combines five peptides including Matrixyl, Myoxinol, Argireline, and Retinol. This is the most powerful anti-aging dermo procedure without needles. Spectacular results clinically proven...average reduction of 60% of wrinkles after 1 treatment! For more amazing results 4 are recommended.

Honey Body Polish     $75 (60 minutes)

When applied on skin, honey promotes powerful healing while reducing inflammation and scarring. Repêchage®'s Honey Body Polish blends pure honey, almonds, and oatmeal to create a natural cleanser and exfoliator. Soothe skin and replenish moisture lost from sun, over-cleansing or travel, for fabulous result — smooth and luxurious skin! Mix with fresh buttermilk for added benefits!

Peppermint Twist Body Wrap     $120 (60 minutes)

America's Best Award Winning Treatment with fresh seaweed and triple mints to improve circulation, slimming and toning. The combination of freshly harvested seaweed and peppermint essential oils will stimulate, rejuvenate and purify the skin. This treatment is great for sore aching muscles and water retention.

Refreshing body treatment that combines peppermint oil with freshly harvested seaweed to stimulate, rejuvenate and purify your skin. Improves circulation, making it an ideal treatment for sore, aching muscles or water retention. You will emerge with a cool and invigorating feeling. We will end the treatment with a re-energized seaweed body cream to invigorate and give that finishing touch and benefit into your skin.




















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